Demeter – Goddess of the Bountiful Harvest

Demeter – Goddess of the Bountiful Harvest

At the moment I am taking part in a painting course called “30 days of Grace” by the wonderful and inspiring Alena Hennessy.

One of the interesting topics to inquire is to uncover your Goddess. Since I am born on October 11 – which is according to what I read the day of the Goddess Demeter – I chose the Greek Goddess of Harvest Demeter. That makes sense as October is in Autumn when all the harvest of the year is being celebrated and we give thanks for all the year brought us. And personally I love everything about Autumn like pumpkins, mushrooms, the changing colours of the leaves, apples, Halloween, etc.

I also chose Demeter because she is a mother like myself, she loves to care for her offspring like I do, she takes care of animals, e.g. one of her companions is a pig, and as a vegan I also see animals rather as companions than anything else, and Demeter loves wine!


Apparently Demeter lived in the region of Patras in Greece and funnily my favourite wine Maphro Daphne is made in Patras! Patras has always been a harbour city and is famous for its grapes, its wine and liqueur.

Of course Demeter is in charge of the fields, and the grain which we need for making bread – another one of my favourite foods, so in order to please Demeter I am going to bake some nice organic bread today.

So who is your God or your Goddess? And what you can you do to channel him/her?


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