Photoshooting with Canines

Photoshooting with Canines

IMG_2510 IMG_2502 IMG_2496

Yesterday I did a nice shooting with an adorable little dog called Dunty and his proud owners. Though it was raining during our stroll through the park I was able to get a few good shots. Dunty didn´ t have a good life when he was young, his former owners did not treat him well and he ended up in an animal shelter. One of his legs is stiff but he can still run around pretty fast despite his disability. His new owners care for him in the best way and love the cute little fellow to bits!

So think about it before you buy a dog: Do you have enough money and time to spend on and with a dog? Could you perhaps adopt a dog from a shelter? There might just be an adorable little creature waiting for you behind the bars.


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