Shape up your Chakras – Part 3 – Manipura

Shape up your Chakras – Part 3 – Manipura


The third chakra is called Manipura which means City of Juwels (that is a lovely name I think). It is situated just above your belly button, when you pull in your stomach muscles you can feel it pretty good. The third chakra is all about self-confidence, power, and your ego. The colour connected with this chakra is yellow. The element is fire. You can imagine this chakra as a little sun inside you. You can breathe energy into the chakra area, and while breathing out you can imagine bringing all the purifying fire energy from the chakra into your whole body.

In Yoga all the standing exercises are supposed to open the three lower chakras (as the first three are called).

If you want to know whether your third chakra is blocked ask yourself the following questions:

– How do I feel about myself?

– Can I handle decisions? Can I stick to my decisions?

– Do I need a lot of attention from others?

– Am I afraid to be alone?

– How do I handle responsibilities?

If you discover an imbalance in this chakra you could e.g. attend an encouragement course or practise encouragement in your personal life. Tell people when you think they did a great job, and they will tell you, too!

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