Loaded Veggies

Loaded Veggies

Yesterday I bought some lovely big brown mushroom, some big chunks of celery, and some very long red peppers, all organic of course. In the evening I prepared a delicious celery soup containing potatoes, carrots, onions, red lentils, garlic, and some Indian spices. Surprisingly even the kids liked the soup! I added some croutons as decoration and all was perfect!


Today I prepared the mushrooms and the peppers. First I washed them, then they were cut open, the stems of the mushrooms were put aside.


I filled a pot with water and some salt, and cooked a mixture of millet and spelt in it as part of the filling.


The stems of the mushrooms were fried in a pan with onions, garlic, fennel, and yellow pepper. I added some salsa sauce.


I put on the oven and started filling the vegetables.

Finally I sprinkled a lot of vegan cheese on top of them.

After that they spent about 20 minutes in the hot oven at 180 ° and then it was time to tug in! mmmmh yummy!IMG_1627.jpg

Bon appetit! 🙂

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