Super fast, super healthy dessert

Super fast, super healthy dessert


Valentine´s day is approaching and expectations are running high for a special dinner date with your loved one. But who wants to spend all Sunday standing in the kitchen preparing food? So here is my super fast, super vegan, and super healthy dessert recipe.

First ingredient: a vegan müsli of your choice – I chose crunchy spelt müsli. IMG_1638

Next step: add some vanilla soy yoghurt – I chose the one by Alpro. IMG_1639

Then add some diced fruit to your liking or even better: the favourite fruit of your sweetheart. I chose my favourite which is pineapple.IMG_1640

Now sprinkle some super healthy chia seeds on top.IMG_1643


I am sure your vegan lover will be delighted! You could also add some vegan heart-shaped biscuits (e.g. Keksfreunde)!


Happy V-Day! 🙂


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