Do you want a date?

Do you want a date?


Sometimes I buy some seasoned dried tomatoes from a little turkish shop in town which never fail to be delicious. Last week I bought some from a different shop and I was very disappointed with the consistency of the tomatoes – they were very hard and extremely dry so nobody wanted to eat them. As I try to avoid throwing away food I thought there must be another way to use them.

I put the tomatoes in my kitchen aid blender and added about the same amount of cashews (always nice in a bread spread), a small glass of tomato juice (just enough to cover the ingredients), some black cumin seeds, and the special oriental-style ingredient .. a handful of dried dates. You could also add some lemon juice, onions, garlic, chia seeds, apricots, etc.

I blended it until it had the consistency I enjoy in a bread spread, not completely smooth but rather so that you can still guess most of its components.

The spread can be filled into glasses and kept in the fridge for about three to four days. But I bet mine won´t last that long as it is utterly delicious! Especially on a warm rye bread after a long walk through the cold.

Bon appetit!


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