Mexican Food

Mexican Food

After this very nice and relaxing weekend and a long morning walk with my dog Romeo I felt hungry for some Mexican food – again!

I found some tortilla wraps in the cupboard and thought that would be something even the kids will like when they come back from school.

The first ingredient for a satisfying burrito has to be rice.IMG_1921

I used organic jasmine rice. Pour some rice in a sifter and give it a good rinse, pour it into a pot, and fill with the double amount of water. Add a sprinkle of salt or half a vegetable stock dice Bring it to the boil and then let it simmer for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Meanwhile cut and dice an onion, a bell pepper, and a piece of smoked tofu.


Yes, I got myself a new chopping board with a sweet rose pattern. I hope you like it!

Pour some olive oil into a pan and fry all the diced ingredients for two or three minutes then add some kidney or black beans, and stir it all well. Add salt, pepper, garlic, etc. to your gusto. IMG_1926

For those who like it hot add some Turkish Ayvar or Sambal Oelek.IMG_1928

Put the lid on the pan to keep the mixture warm.

Now prepare the cheese sauce. I used a powdered sauce by Vantastic foods which I had to add to warm water and then heat it up for a couple of minutes but you could also melt some vegan cheese in a little casserole.IMG_1929

Now all there was to do was to warm up the wraps in the oven or microwave, and fill them with our rice, vegetable mixture, and the cheese sauce.

Enjoy! 🙂






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