My weekend in Duisburg

My weekend in Duisburg

Last weekend I travelled to Duisburg in order to visit my lovely daughter. For Christmas she gave me tickets to a concert of vegan artist Ellie Goulding and on Friday we went to Oberhausen where the concert took place. Apparently Ellie wasn ´t too well, she hardly ever smiled and ran out very quickly in the end, so the concert wasn ´t completely enjoyable. The nicest song was an acoustic version of “Lights”. Here you can watch her last song of the evening:

On Saturday we went into the city of Duisburg where we had a look at my favourite bookstore, especially the department with all the foodie books is amazing!

Tired of looking through all the interesting titles we went to Starbucks for a Soy Latte and were pleasantly surprised that they even offered a “Vegan flatbread” which contained falafel and a delicious mint sauce.IMG_1364 (1)

But that was only a little snack and after some more window shopping we went to a local vegan restaurant called “The Mexican Hat” in the evening. They use mostly regional and organic ingredients and offer a variety of Mexican dishes like burritos, enchiladas, as well as fantastic homemade cakes and muffins.

IMG_1378The Mexican Hat in Duisburg

On Sunday morning we went to Superfly – a trampoline park – to get a nice workout for the whole body.

For lunch my daughter made a very delicious dish so I was prepared for my train journey back to Oldenburg.

IMG_1408 (1)

The recipe will follow soon as I made my daughter editor of my new Facebook page.IMG_1381

Susi´s Vegan Cauldron


Hope you had a great weekend, too!


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