Vegan Travelling – Burghotel Dinklage/Germany

Vegan Travelling – Burghotel Dinklage/Germany


Last week I did a little Wellness trip to Dinklage/ Northern Germany. It is not far away from where I live, and I was lucky as my lovely daughter took me there on her back home.

The hotel is a 5 star facility and well-known in the area. It was very quiet with lovely surroundings, delicious vegan meals, and an exquisite wellness area.


I enjoyed the adjacent wild park where animals could roam around freely.


Vegan breakfast looked like this



.. and that was for me alone!

In the evening I got a 3 course dinner which consisted of soup, main course, and dessert.

Here you will find some impressions (and patterns) of the wellness area.


It was very relaxing to stay there for two night and I can recommend it very much. The only critique I have is the typical German behaviour of the cook on the first evening.

I was having my main course a paprika filled with couscous and around the vegetable there was rice with a hot chilli sauce. Suddenly I came across a very hot bit of sauce which for me was only red thai curry paste, it just wasn´t mixed thoroughly. I told the waitress about it, because for one I was about to get a heart attack from the heat it gave me – and I thought it would be nice for the other guests if the cook could just give it another stir. But the cook wasn´t amused. At first he kindly sent out some lychees for me to absorb the heat which worked well. But then he came out and said that I would have been wrong (hello, I am the guest)  and that vegans normally wouldn´t be such softies. Why couldn´t he just say: I am sorry, even if he thought he didn´t do anything wrong, I mean the customer is king, isn´t he/she?

Otherwise all was fine and I can imagine holding some yoga workshops at the hotel as it is so peaceful and quiet around there.



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