Apple Blossom Shooting

Apple Blossom Shooting


it is another busy week with lots of creative assignments for the courses I am currently taking. I am going to tell you more about these courses in one of my next posts. Today is Ascension day that is a holiday in Germany so I had the day off and could enjoy the lovely Spring weather. After a  topless shopping trip to Bad Zwischenahn with my Mini Cooper Convertible and a short visit at my parents´house (it is Father´s day in Germany) I took some photographs in my garden. The apple tree has just started to go into bloom and the cherry tree is still a sight to see so the choice of motifs wasn´t too hard.

Recently I have been very lucky not only have I won access to three fantastic mandala courses by Louise Gale

Please have a look at Louise´s courses here 🙂

but I was also gifted with a very interesting photo course by my lovely “Make it in design” classmate Pat Foltz.

Find Pat on IG here

I haven´t had time to go through all of the amazing content of the course

“The Art of seeing”

so far but I had a glimpse and I tried to let this spark flow into my photography today.

These are the results:




I tried to create a trendy bokeh effect.



That is all for today! Enjoy this lovely May evening! See ya! x


4 thoughts on “Apple Blossom Shooting

  1. I’m thrilled to see your beautiful results with the florals, Susi! Thanks for the mention. I haven’t had a chance to get started myself on the photo course, but you’ve inspired me to get there.


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