Vegan Travelling: Norderney

Vegan Travelling: Norderney



Last weekend I went to the island of Norderney in the North of Germany. I hadn´t been there for decades I guess. I was very lucky despite the weather forecast and the sun was out all the time!

On Friday I took the train to Norddeich Mole and then the ferry to Norderney, the island was crowded as there was a bank holiday weekend in some parts of Germany.

I stayed at the guest house “Inselquartiere Detmold” which was very nice and affordable. I had booked a room for 2 nights with breakfast but as I knew they didn´t serve vegan breakfast I brought my favourite paprika chilli spread which I could store in a fridge there. My room was very nice and I could sleep very well as it was pleasantly calm in that area of Norderney. IMG_2705IMG_2700.jpg

The guest house is situated just a few metres from the beach which was very convenient. In the evening you could just sit there and watch the sunset.IMG_2756IMG_2751.jpg

On Friday evening I went to the city and had a look around. I chose to eat some Thai noodles which were freshly prepared for me, yum!

There are not too many places where you can get vegan food, if you ask for vegan options or soy milk for the coffee the locals may get angry but there are the usual drugstores (Rossmann, Müller) and supermarkets (Edeka) where you can get a lot of vegan products like burgers, spreads, soy or oat or almond milk, vegan chocolate, etc. But you have to hurry, shops close at 6 pm sharp.

Then it was Cocktail time. I especially enjoyed the Rock café with loud hard rock music from the 90s.

On Saturday the Holi Festival was held at the beach. It was nice to have to look and take a couple of photos of the colourful event.


On Sunday I wanted to go to the restaurant “Laib und Seele” where I had seen a sign offering vegan meals the day before. But the offer was only valid in the evening – no vegan meals for lunch.


Instead I went to the bakery “Strandbäcker” – there you can get vegan soups. I had a curry-lentil soup which was delicious but pricey at Euro 5,90. I also ordered a hummus bread roll to take away and could´t believe it cost Euro 4,25!

Conclusion: So if you want to go to Norderney as a vegan be prepared to be not the most welcome guest on the island but there are a couple of survival options and you don´t have to go hungry!


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