Vegan Travelling: Brighton

Vegan Travelling: Brighton


Last week I went on holiday to my favourite country England with my eldest daughter Debbie.

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We took the ferry from Hoek van Holland to Harwich which was really convenient. The restaurant on the ferry  offered vegan smoothies, pasta, and alpro desserts so we did not have to go hungry on board. We spent the eight hours watching tv, napping, or reading – a nice way to start the holidays. From Harwich we drove to Bolney where we stayed at the beautiful Hickstead Hotel for the night.


A very lovely hotel in the countryside which offers vegan options for breakfast.

On the second day it was off to Brighton. We were very lucky because my designer friend Raynor offered to park our car at her place and went with us to Brighton where she showed us all the main attractions!


There were lots of cafés and restaurants which offer vegan food. We had coffee at the Loving Hut

The Loving Hut in the Lanes

and lunch at a Mexican place called Wahaca

Delicious Mexican food

I had the supercharged salad which was very nice indeed and very filling too, containing lots of seeds. The nicest part was that I had ordered a Virgin Mary drink with my salad and although the place was packed at a Sunday the waitress came back and said that the Virgin Mary would contain fish sauce and if I would like to choose something else instead- which I did – and I hadn´t even specifically explained that I am a vegan! What a great service! 🙂

While we were walking towards the Mexican restaurant we heard somebody singing and it sounded like the well-known singer Passenger – when we got closer we realised it was actually him giving a street concert! How amazing!IMG_3053

So I can strongly recommend visiting Brighton, lots of nice people, shops, restaurants, art, and – of course, seagulls!

Inspired by all the lovely things I have seen in beautiful Brighton I came up with this new design now available on redbubble as a throw pillow, drawstring bag, tote bag, t-shirt, etc


Here you get to my shop

Next time I am going to tell you about the rest of our journey which led us to Basingstoke and Salisbury!

See you soon!


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