Vegan Travelling: Basingstoke and Salisbury

Vegan Travelling: Basingstoke and Salisbury


So we left Brighton on 19 June and continued our travels to Basingstoke. It was a very entertaining ride through narrow country roads and we had a lot of fun. 🙂

We arrived in Basingstoke rather late so all we could get to eat – after visiting a pub where they told us “We don´t do food anymore!” WHAT? – was some Indian take away called The Bengal Brasserie. The food was okay but not spectacular.

The next day began with shopping time at The Festival Place after a small breakfast at Starbucks where we got the very last vegan falafel wrap and a vanilla soy latte. Then it was finally time to meet our friends Dave, Wendy, and Nicola. When we lived in Basingstoke in 1999/2000 Debbie attended the Kempshot Junior School where she got to know Nic. Even though we had moved back to Germany after a year we have never stopped writing each other snail mail on occasions like birthdays and christmas. 🙂

We met at wagamama and were treated to a very delicious vegan meal indeed! Thank you very much, Dave!

After a last vanilla soy latte at Costa it was time to leave for our next hotel near Salisbury

The Stones

– a very lovely place to stay!

It was the evening of the summer solstice and we were lucky enough to see the elusive strawberry moon from the terrace of our hotel!



This is a sketch I made in my brand new sketchbook from Paperchase

The next was Debbie´s 25th birthday!!YAY! Happy birthday!IMG_3972

After good night´s sleep we had a lovely breakfast at the hotel, we could choose from the full English vegetarian breakfast or continental options. I especially enjoyed the fruit salad and berries.IMG_3978

We spent the day visiting Old Sarum castle and the beautiful city of Salisbury.


Foodwise they weren´t so many options so we went to a Sainsbury´s supermarket and got some fresh mangos, carrots, bread, salsa, and hummus. Mmmh, delicious!

After that it was time to watch the German Mannschaft win another Euro match and take a nice walk through the adjacent poppy fields.IMG_4015

On 22 June we decided to visit the New Forest where we expected to see lots of wild donkeys but instead we saw only a lot of these signs.

Vegan food options seem not to be part of the menu at local pubs and restaurants.

We went back to Salisbury and could find something to eat at Nando´s.

On Thursday it was back to Harwich but not without a last shopping stop at London Colney Fields Shopping park where we loaded the Mini full of delicious British food. It was so nice to be back in (sort of) London where there are lots and lots of vegan options.

The ferry took us safely back to Hoek van Holland from where we headed back to Germany.

Some last(ing) impressions

Next weekend we will be off to the beautiful barock city Fulda where we are going to watch “Der Medicus – das Musical”. See you next Tuesday!

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