Vegan Travelling: Fulda

Vegan Travelling: Fulda


Fulda is a beautiful Barock city in the middle of Germany, I have been there tree times by now – every time in order to watch one of their exquisit musical productions. I saw “Die Päpstin”, “Friedrich”, and this time it was the musical adaption of “Der Medicus” (Noah Gordon´s The Physician).

Last Friday I went to Fulda by train which was convenient and fast, poor Debbie who I met there wasn´t so lucky, she missed a couple of connections due to a delay of her train, but in the end she also made it.

As we were very hungry from the long travel we started our culinary adventures and went to an Italian restaurant in the pedestrian area. In fact Fulda looks pretty much Italian with lots of palm trees, Italian restaurants and boutiques. We had some lovely Bruschetta con spinaci (yummy with lots and lots of garlic) and pasta arrabbiata.


Then we went to our hotel where we checked into our lovely huge room high above the city.

Hotel Peterchen´s Mondfahrt

In the afternoon we had a look around the beautiful city and – of course – went hungry again.

This time we went to the trendy Viva Havanna bar opposite the castle. Cocktail time! The cocktails were amazing and really strong! We also had nachos with guacamole dip – always a most welcome snack!


After that it was time for the musical. It was indeed awesome! Sabrina Weckerlin is amazing in any role and so she was in this one, and the dancers were a sight to see. The musical was a good mixture between history and entertainment –  and with its lush costumes and decorations a true competitor for Disney´s Aladdin.


The next morning we had breakfast in our hotel. I had told them beforehand that we would like vegan breakfast and we weren´t disappointed! Beside the usual buffet there were different spreads, margarine, vegan cheese, and even some lupine desserts just for the two of us. What a nice start to the day!

Well-fed we continued our exploration of the city.

And then we found the most wonderful Café! A must for all vegans who visit Fulda!

Café Glück


First we had only some soy latte and a piece of vegan cake – but as it was such a comfortable place we had to come back later to try the soups and baguettes.

The rest of the day we spent having a look at all the shopping facilities in Fulda before we started our journey back to our homes. It had been a very nice – and very delicious –  weekend!

See you soon! 🙂



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