November dreams

November dreams


Today we were greeted with the first snow of the upcoming winter season. Although the arrival of snowy weather  almost always gives me migraines I tend to find snow very calming and  soothing. The blanket over the earth enables us to look inside rather than outside and search for our deepest wishes and hopes for the next year to come.

At the moment I am taking the e-course “Do what you love” by the amazing Beth Kempton and she teaches us to dream big and visualise your future as detailed as possible in order to bring your dreams into reality. If you want to change your life for the better I can honestly recommend taking this course as it offers you tools to detect your desires and shows you ways to implement them. Also the online community is incredibly supportive and I found a couple of lovely new friends there.

Do what you love

What are your goals for 2017? Do you want to be more loved and respected, do you want to get better paid for your work, or do you want to quit your job and start your own business? Now is the time to do some serious planning ahead. Write everything down, make lists of what you want to change, what to want to keep. Map out your future and send your wishes to the universe. Making positive wishes for everybody in your life will transform the reality and soon you will be living the dream.

I started this year by making lists of want I want to achieve, where I would like to go to, negative things I would like to get rid of, etc. And I must say, most of it has already come true because I had visualised it very clearly before.

Now I am planning to put all my knowledge of visualisation into a brand new workshop that I am going to offer in early 2017. The workshop will contain elements of yoga and chakra meditation as well as encouragement training and mindfulness tools.


Artistically I am working on more recipe illustrations for They draw and cook. I love to come up with new vegan or veganized recipes and am grateful for having to possibility to show them to the world via this fantastic website.

How to make Turkish Pizza the vegan way

There will also be another exhibition of my yoga / meditation paintings in my hometown Oldenburg in early 2017. More details coming soon.


Last but now least I would like to inform you about my new yoga courses which will start in January. There will be a course for beginners on Tuesday nights and an open class on Sunday afternoons. You can find more details on

My website

I hope all your November dreams will come true, don´t forget to make a wish on 14 November when there is a potent full moon in Taurus.




It´s May – time for entertainment and events

It´s May – time for entertainment and events


For the last six months I have been busy setting up my creative business. I took lots of classes, spent millions of hours in front of the computer in order to learn Adobe Illustrator, created dozens of designs, and now it is time to put it all out into the universe (meaning to you, my customers).

The first event coming up is the “Koffermarkt” (suitcase market) in Oldenburg which will take place next Saturday (7 May 2016). In the lovely scenery of the local theatre Susi´s Cauldron (that´s me) will sell greeting cards, mugs, throw pillows, pouches, mousepads, fabrics, bags, etc. directly out of an old vintage suitcase.

One week later there will be a revival of the little Vegan Café in our garden. My daughter Debbie and me are going to treat you with lots of delicious cakes, muffins, brownies, sandwiches, etc. Let´s hope the weather will be nice for that occasion.


On 15 May I will be at another garden event (Tag des offenen Gartens), this time at the wonderful garden of Dörte Wemken and her family in Bad Zwischenahn. I can truly recommend you to come there as you will be delighted to see her beautiful plants and animals. Susi´s Cauldron will be there among other artists to promote their products and artworks. Some of the photographs I took there last year were turned into greeting cards or other items.

This is where the garden event will take place!

On 22 May I am going to teach a Chakra Meditation workshop at the Home of Yoga in Rastede, there are still some spaces left.

In case you like food illustrations please have a look at my Instagram page as I am taking part in the #100dayproject for which I chose to draw what I eat everyday. You can find my illustrations  using the hashtag #susisveganfoodillustrations

Please have a look here 🙂


Whatever you do – have a great May and try to get a lot of sunshine!



January 2016

January 2016

So that was January 2016 – and it just flew by .. What did I do this January?

For one thing I attended Louise Gale´s inspiring course “Big dreams, small wonders” and I must say the small wonders are beginning to happen for me!

For this year I set my focus on SUCCESS

IMG_0013My word of the year 2016 is Success.

Then I joined the #fritziflock – another very inspiring community of creative beings. Each week you will get a bird-related theme and on #fritzifriday you can share your artwork via fb or IG. Here one of my works:


As a result of my wish to be successful as a designer in 2016 I got a couple of features.

First on redbubble for my “Sushi -licious” pattern design.



Then I was featured on the “Make it in design” blog with one of the pattern I submitted in  the ” Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design”  Module 1. it feels a bit old-fashioned now but still ..

Susi Sanlier - Spice up

Oh yes, I changed my Logo – again! Now it looks like this:


Hope you like it!

I also got featured for my work on the  #52weeksofnature  challenge by Louise Gale.

Here is the pattern I came up with for “Leaves” week:


The last feature is very special because it is a double feature in the Uppercase Magazine newsletter I am very proud of:


And last but not least my portfolio site is online now:

My Portfolio

I guess I am very grateful for all that happened in January and I can´t wait to see how February goes! Hope you were able to enjoy your first month of the year 2016 as well. Tomorrow I am going to celebrate Imbolg or the day of the Goddess Brighid, good night! x

Shape up your Chakras – Part 3 – Manipura

Shape up your Chakras – Part 3 – Manipura


The third chakra is called Manipura which means City of Juwels (that is a lovely name I think). It is situated just above your belly button, when you pull in your stomach muscles you can feel it pretty good. The third chakra is all about self-confidence, power, and your ego. The colour connected with this chakra is yellow. The element is fire. You can imagine this chakra as a little sun inside you. You can breathe energy into the chakra area, and while breathing out you can imagine bringing all the purifying fire energy from the chakra into your whole body.

In Yoga all the standing exercises are supposed to open the three lower chakras (as the first three are called).

If you want to know whether your third chakra is blocked ask yourself the following questions:

– How do I feel about myself?

– Can I handle decisions? Can I stick to my decisions?

– Do I need a lot of attention from others?

– Am I afraid to be alone?

– How do I handle responsibilities?

If you discover an imbalance in this chakra you could e.g. attend an encouragement course or practise encouragement in your personal life. Tell people when you think they did a great job, and they will tell you, too!

Shape up your chakras – Sacral Chakra

Shape up your chakras – Sacral Chakra



The second chakra is called the sacral chakra or Swadhisthana. It is located along your spine a little bit under your belly bottom, approximately where your inner sexual organs reside. Like the womb is the place where you create new life, the second chakra is the seat of your power to create. May it be art, music, literature, anything really that you can create.

The colour associated with the second chakra is orange.

So if you want to embrace your creativity I´d suggest you do a little energy massage and the following meditation:

Lie on your back and breathe in deeply and out slowly. Put your right hand on your belly ( 2 fingerbreadth under the belly bottom) right above your second chakra, now put your left hand on top of the right one. Every time you breathe in you bring cosmic energy into your hands, and every time you breathe out you release that energy into your second chakra. In your mind you go back to the time when you were between 7 and 14 years old. What were your hobbies when you were a child? What did you really like to do? Who were your friends? What did to enjoy playing? Now compare that to the present, what is missing in your life now? Would you like to pick up singing in a choir or learn to play an instrument? Let your inner child out and allow yourself to play and explore what is good for you! After a couple of minutes come back to the present, breathe in deeply and stretch your body.

I guess your belly got pretty warm by now! Repeat the energy massage whenever you feel you need it!

Happy creating!

Shape up your Chakras – Starting with the Root Chakra

Shape up your Chakras – Starting with the Root Chakra

When I came home this morning from the usual 7:30 doggie walk, I thought I had to start spring cleaning the house, and so I did … I used an organic cleaner with orange aroma which got me thinking about the chakra system again, and I came to the conclusion that not only the house needs a spring cleaning but me and my chakras could use a good make over, too.

So let´s start with the root chakra called Muladhara which is located at the bottom of your spine and is connected with the colour red and all things basic like eating, drinking, sleeping, drives, etc., everything you need in order to survive. The chakra is also connected to the first seven years in your life, the time where you learn to do the basic things on your own, and also the time when you develop trust.

Now in order to shape up your chakra and bring it to function full on you should try and activate it by grounding exercises, running, dancing, or mindful walking, meditating about your childhood, remembering things you enjoyed in that crucial time, all of these actions can help you balancing the root chakra. In yoga we have all the standing positions which activate the lower chakras.

I decided to put on some upbeat music (Marilyn Manson´s new album was my choice of the day), get rid of shoes and socks, and dance and jump barefeet for half an hour. That was really fun and now I am feeling awesome!

Have a nice Monday! And come back soon when we are shaping up the second chakra! 🙂IMG_8620

The Year of the Sheep and cReAtiviTy

The Year of the Sheep and cReAtiviTy

This morning I took a shower using a shower gel with orange aroma which I received as a gift from a lovely participant of my last chakra meditation workshop and it got me thinking about the second chakra Swadhistana which is connected with the colour orange and our creativity. The smell of oranges got me in the mood for drawing and painting and when I opened my Facebook feed a little later there was an offer for an online course by Alena Hennessy which I could´t resist – and there was an article about the Chinese new year – and 2015 is apparently the year of the sheep which is supposed to be the perfect year in order to boost your creativity! So I went to the city, bought a couple of new supplies, and now I am ready to start exploring where the energy of my second chakra wants take me to …IMG_2151d_Fotor

What are your plans for the year of the sheep 2015?

Ash Wednesday and its pagan origins

Ash Wednesday and its pagan origins

Every Christian holiday has derived from a pagan origin, and so has Ash Wednesday which is known as the beginning of Lent, a time of fasting or doing without something that you usually do.

I found this article by Craig Portwood very interesting:

“The practice of putting ashes on one’s forehead has been known from ancient times. In the Nordic pagan religion, placing ashes above one’s brow was believed to ensure the protection of the Norse god, Odin. This practice spread to Europe during the Vikings conquests. This laying on of ashes was done on Wednesday, the day named for Odin, Odin’s Day. Interestingly enough, according to Wikipedia, one of Odin’s names is Ygg. The same is Norse for the World Ash. This name Ygg, closely resembles the Vedic name Agni in pronunciation.

The Norse practice which has become known as Ash Wednesday was itself, drawn from the Vedic Indian religion. Ashes were believed to be the seed Agni , the Indian fire god. It is from this name that the Latins used for fire, ignis. It is from this root word that the English language got the words, ignite, igneous and ignition. Agni was said to have the authority to forgive sins. Ashes were also believed to be symbolic for the purifying blood of the Vedic god Shiva, which it is said had the power to cleanse sins.”

For the past week I have been thinking about what I should deprive myself of ( I mean I am already a vegan, do not smoke, drink moderately, buy organic, etc) and my conclusion was I should try and get rid of the negative. Negative thoughts, negative comments about others, negative people who try to rob your energy, you get the picture. Instead I will focus on positivity and encouragement. I will try to praise the kids more often and shed more light on my positive sides.

What are your plans for the next 40 days?IMG_1668

Sunrise – a moment of beauty

Sunrise – a moment of beauty

Every morning I take my dog for a walk, come rain or shine, doggies need their walk. So far this year we have been lucky and haven´t experienced too many rainy days – instead we had lots and lots of beautiful amazing sunrises and sunsets.

I really enjoy those quiet moments out in nature – especially after the usual morning hectic when three school kids need to get up (although they don´t want to), have their breakfast and lunch boxes prepared for them, and everybody needs to be seen off individually. During my morning walk I find it easy to clear my mind, make plans for the day ahead, and be thankful for all the little things in life.

IMG_1496 IMG_1575 IMG_1493 IMG_1782 IMG_1780 IMG_1781

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Introducing myself

Hi, my name is Susi!

I am a translator, a yoga instructor, a mum of four kids, a hobby photographer, a hobby watercolour artist, a vegan, etc.

In my blog I would like to share with you my thought on Yoga, meditation, education, and lots of other interesting themes. I hope you´ll like it.

I live in Oldenburg, a very nice town in the North of Germany. And for a start I would like to show you some of my photos of my beautiful hometown. Enjoy!

IMG_3608 IMG_8833 IMG_5930 IMG_5947 IMG_3597