Extra sweet potato curry

Extra sweet potato curry


When you have to cook for children AND adults it is often hard to find something everybody likes so we often have to prepare different meal for our beloved family members.

Today I thought that something sweet might be suitable as it has been really cold the whole week and the children are having a short end of term break here in Germany.

Most children like potatoes if yours do not then you can take pasta, I guess. I cooked the potato curry in one pan and prepared some extra (hot & spicy) veggies for the grown ups in another pan.

This is my recipe for the extra sweet POTATO CURRY

1 kg potatoes peeled and diced

1 l water

1/2 cube vegetable stock

50 gr red lentils

1 small onion

1 small clove of garlic

400 gr pineapples diced

1/2 bell pepper

1/2 can coconut milk

2 tb sp maple syrup

1 tb sp curcuma

a pinch of salt

Please feel free to replace any vegetables your child doesn´ t like with some they do like e.g. carrots, fennel, etc

First cook the potatoes with the stock, lentils, onion, bell pepper, and garlic for 20 min.

Then add the other ingredients and let it simmer for another 15 min.

Enjoy your healthy meal!



If your child still doesn’t´t want try it, put it all in a blender and serve as potato mash.

For the hot and spicy veg take a bag of frozen mixed vegetables and cook them with stock, onions, garlic, salt, and add chilli sauce to your gusto.

Bon appetit!




Please join my Art challenge

Please join my Art challenge


Hello, everybody! I hope you are enjoying the Christmas time and find some time to relax, bake some cookies, and kiss underneath the mistletoe.

I am very busy as usual, not only with Christmas preparations and my current exhibition “Love remains” (I told you about it in my last post) but also with making plans for the new year. Which courses and workshops will I teach? Where is the best place? How can I advertise most efficiently? As an entrepreneur you always need to be one step ahead.

And when I was thinking about my plans I came up with the idea of my very own art challenge for 2017 to which you are now officially invited! Yay!

The challenge is called “52 weeks of vegan art 2017” and is going to start on 2 January. Every Monday I will post a certain topic for the week and you can create whatever suits you best. Everything is possible from photography, via sketches, doodles, paintings, to sculptures or elaborate photoshop images. Everybody can take part from mere beginners to famous professionals, from long-time vegans to people who are just interested in becoming vegan.

I set up a Facebook group where you can share your creations, make new friends, post vegan related  things, or just have a look at the work of the other artists.

52 weeks of vegan art 2017

You can also post your pictures on instagram using #52weeksofveganart2017

I will post lots of your images on my blog and give shoutouts on IG.

The first topic will be “A lucky pig for 2017”

The whole challenge is of course absolutely free with no hidden agenda except to make 2017 a bright and colourful year for the cause of #animalequality and #veganism so I hope I could convince you to join me. 🙂


Enjoy the advent time!


My new pattern “Mistletoe & Holly” is now available on Spoonflower and Redbubble.

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Utterly delicious Pumpkin soup

Utterly delicious Pumpkin soup


So it is finally Autumn – my favourite season! Not only because I am born in October but also because I love foggy cold morning walks, warm sunny afternoons, and cosy evenings by candlelight.

I also love pumpkins, so today I want to share with you my very easy pumpkin soup recipe.

First you will need a pumpkin.img_3963

Today I used a little organic Hokkaido. You just have to chop it into little dices about 3 cm wide. Put them on a baking tray and season them generously with your favourite spices. I used salt, pepper, garlic powder, turmeric, paprika, and some chilli powder. Now sprinkle the dices with olive oil. Roast them in the oven for about 30 minutes at 180 ° C.

Bring 2 l of water to the boil, add one or two vegetable stock cubes. Stir well until they are fully dissolved. Add the roasted pumpkin and blend in the pot. Alternatively you can blend the pumpkin first and add to the soup. Cook for 5 minutes, then turn off the heat. Now add the coconut milk or alpro soya cuisine or any other cream alternative of your choice. Stir well and enjoy!  img_3966

That was quick! Roasting the pumpkin in the oven until it is tender makes all the difference! Bon appetit!

By the way Turmeric is truly a superfood and you should use it more often. It decreases your risk for cancer, is anti-inflammatory, supports detoxification, balances your blood sugar, and even helps improving your cognitive functions


The changing colours in nature are always a huge inspiration for my patterns and illustrations. You can find my new patterns in my shops

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H A V E  A  L O V E L Y  A U T U M N  W E E K E N D !

Vegan Travelling: Day trips to Hamburg and Dangast

Vegan Travelling: Day trips to Hamburg and Dangast



Hamburg is always worth a day trip especially in summer when there is a feeling of easiness in the otherwise so busy Hanseatic city. As we used to live in Hamburg for seven years we always try to come back here during the summer holidays. Last Tuesday we took the train in order to go on our annual shopping spree which is mostly connected with a visit to the Musicals. This time we went to see the show “Best of 2016” presented by the graduates of the Stage School of Hamburg in their brand new theatre called First Stage.

But let´s start with the best part of travelling .. the food!

When we arrived at the station in Hamburg we came across the CityDöner shop which is very popular. I asked for anything vegan and expected to see some eye-rolling or ignorance about the difference between vegan and vegetarian. But I was positively surprised when the shop assistant told me he could offer me two kinds of Börek – one filled with spinach and one with potato. I chose the spinach bored and was even more surprised when I had to pay only 1,10 Euro for it. It was huge, and utterly delicious! So this is truly an insiders´ tip. Unfortunately I was so hungry that I forgot to take a photo.

We had a great day, it was sunny, we had soy latte at Starbucks, the show was fantastic, the only negative thing was that our favourite restaurant “Waku Waku” had been closed. At the Waku Waku you could get delicious freshly prepared organic vegan wok dishes so let´s hope they will reopen their restaurant soon at another venue.

There are of course lots of restaurants which offer vegan food in Hamburg and another top notch place is the  Syrian restaurant Saliba in the beautiful  Alsterarkaden.





Dangast is a small village on the North Sea coast. It is not far from our hometown Oldenburg so when the weather is fine what could be nicer than to cruise to Dangast and enjoy a day at the seaside.


If you want to eat something vegan in Dangast you can either go to the old Kurhaus where they offer vegan cakes on Sundays or you can visit the Sonnendeck Dangast which has become a very popular place over the past few years.


The Sonnendeck offers for example  cocktails, organic lemonade, sweet potato fries, and a very tasty and very filling vegan burger. There are often concerts in the evening or you can rent the whole facility for your party. Last year I even held a yoga class there. 🙂



This was indeed a very special Sunday treat and we enjoyed our day at the sea a lot.


Now the summer holidays are over and it is back to school and work. If you are interested in my work please have a look onto my website

Sun Salutations – English for everyone & Yoga

Maybe there is a course for you, too. 🙂 See you soon!


Next time: another  vegan recipe!



Vegan Travelling: Fulda

Vegan Travelling: Fulda


Fulda is a beautiful Barock city in the middle of Germany, I have been there tree times by now – every time in order to watch one of their exquisit musical productions. I saw “Die Päpstin”, “Friedrich”, and this time it was the musical adaption of “Der Medicus” (Noah Gordon´s The Physician).

Last Friday I went to Fulda by train which was convenient and fast, poor Debbie who I met there wasn´t so lucky, she missed a couple of connections due to a delay of her train, but in the end she also made it.

As we were very hungry from the long travel we started our culinary adventures and went to an Italian restaurant in the pedestrian area. In fact Fulda looks pretty much Italian with lots of palm trees, Italian restaurants and boutiques. We had some lovely Bruschetta con spinaci (yummy with lots and lots of garlic) and pasta arrabbiata.


Then we went to our hotel where we checked into our lovely huge room high above the city.

Hotel Peterchen´s Mondfahrt

In the afternoon we had a look around the beautiful city and – of course – went hungry again.

This time we went to the trendy Viva Havanna bar opposite the castle. Cocktail time! The cocktails were amazing and really strong! We also had nachos with guacamole dip – always a most welcome snack!


After that it was time for the musical. It was indeed awesome! Sabrina Weckerlin is amazing in any role and so she was in this one, and the dancers were a sight to see. The musical was a good mixture between history and entertainment –  and with its lush costumes and decorations a true competitor for Disney´s Aladdin.


The next morning we had breakfast in our hotel. I had told them beforehand that we would like vegan breakfast and we weren´t disappointed! Beside the usual buffet there were different spreads, margarine, vegan cheese, and even some lupine desserts just for the two of us. What a nice start to the day!

Well-fed we continued our exploration of the city.

And then we found the most wonderful Café! A must for all vegans who visit Fulda!

Café Glück


First we had only some soy latte and a piece of vegan cake – but as it was such a comfortable place we had to come back later to try the soups and baguettes.

The rest of the day we spent having a look at all the shopping facilities in Fulda before we started our journey back to our homes. It had been a very nice – and very delicious –  weekend!

See you soon! 🙂



Vegan Travelling: Norderney

Vegan Travelling: Norderney



Last weekend I went to the island of Norderney in the North of Germany. I hadn´t been there for decades I guess. I was very lucky despite the weather forecast and the sun was out all the time!

On Friday I took the train to Norddeich Mole and then the ferry to Norderney, the island was crowded as there was a bank holiday weekend in some parts of Germany.

I stayed at the guest house “Inselquartiere Detmold” which was very nice and affordable. I had booked a room for 2 nights with breakfast but as I knew they didn´t serve vegan breakfast I brought my favourite paprika chilli spread which I could store in a fridge there. My room was very nice and I could sleep very well as it was pleasantly calm in that area of Norderney. IMG_2705IMG_2700.jpg

The guest house is situated just a few metres from the beach which was very convenient. In the evening you could just sit there and watch the sunset.IMG_2756IMG_2751.jpg

On Friday evening I went to the city and had a look around. I chose to eat some Thai noodles which were freshly prepared for me, yum!

There are not too many places where you can get vegan food, if you ask for vegan options or soy milk for the coffee the locals may get angry but there are the usual drugstores (Rossmann, Müller) and supermarkets (Edeka) where you can get a lot of vegan products like burgers, spreads, soy or oat or almond milk, vegan chocolate, etc. But you have to hurry, shops close at 6 pm sharp.

Then it was Cocktail time. I especially enjoyed the Rock café with loud hard rock music from the 90s.

On Saturday the Holi Festival was held at the beach. It was nice to have to look and take a couple of photos of the colourful event.


On Sunday I wanted to go to the restaurant “Laib und Seele” where I had seen a sign offering vegan meals the day before. But the offer was only valid in the evening – no vegan meals for lunch.


Instead I went to the bakery “Strandbäcker” – there you can get vegan soups. I had a curry-lentil soup which was delicious but pricey at Euro 5,90. I also ordered a hummus bread roll to take away and could´t believe it cost Euro 4,25!

Conclusion: So if you want to go to Norderney as a vegan be prepared to be not the most welcome guest on the island but there are a couple of survival options and you don´t have to go hungry!


Photoshooting with Canines

Photoshooting with Canines

IMG_2510 IMG_2502 IMG_2496

Yesterday I did a nice shooting with an adorable little dog called Dunty and his proud owners. Though it was raining during our stroll through the park I was able to get a few good shots. Dunty didn´ t have a good life when he was young, his former owners did not treat him well and he ended up in an animal shelter. One of his legs is stiff but he can still run around pretty fast despite his disability. His new owners care for him in the best way and love the cute little fellow to bits!

So think about it before you buy a dog: Do you have enough money and time to spend on and with a dog? Could you perhaps adopt a dog from a shelter? There might just be an adorable little creature waiting for you behind the bars.


Sunrise – a moment of beauty

Sunrise – a moment of beauty

Every morning I take my dog for a walk, come rain or shine, doggies need their walk. So far this year we have been lucky and haven´t experienced too many rainy days – instead we had lots and lots of beautiful amazing sunrises and sunsets.

I really enjoy those quiet moments out in nature – especially after the usual morning hectic when three school kids need to get up (although they don´t want to), have their breakfast and lunch boxes prepared for them, and everybody needs to be seen off individually. During my morning walk I find it easy to clear my mind, make plans for the day ahead, and be thankful for all the little things in life.

IMG_1496 IMG_1575 IMG_1493 IMG_1782 IMG_1780 IMG_1781

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Introducing myself

Hi, my name is Susi!

I am a translator, a yoga instructor, a mum of four kids, a hobby photographer, a hobby watercolour artist, a vegan, etc.

In my blog I would like to share with you my thought on Yoga, meditation, education, and lots of other interesting themes. I hope you´ll like it.

I live in Oldenburg, a very nice town in the North of Germany. And for a start I would like to show you some of my photos of my beautiful hometown. Enjoy!

IMG_3608 IMG_8833 IMG_5930 IMG_5947 IMG_3597